Out & About

Unmissable charming rustic haven Just along the Maphiveni-Mananga MR24 stretch of tarred road, across the luxuriant vegetation and evergreen sugarcane fields, Vuvulane Food Market is a roadside eatery unlike any other. VUYISILE HLATSHWAYO takes you on a journey to the oasis of Eswatini’s green economy. Exuding a bohemian ambience, Vuvulane Food Market is one place […]Read More

Royal budget 2020

In the light of improvements in Sacu receipts this financial year, the king and the royal household will receive a hefty increase in their allocation. The royal family continues to live a life of opulence and unbridled expenditure while many ordinary emaSwati still battle to rub two pennies together. King Mswati must be given credit […]Read More

Is the COVID-19 virus airborne?

Covid-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon. That is what the experts are saying. King Mswati III has only addressed the nation once about this pandemic. Otherwise, the monarch has chosen to isolate himself from his people. He made his first and only public appearance last month in May to address issues pertaining to the […]Read More

The BIG Lie: How emaSwati were duped over Tibiyo, Tisuka

What does it mean to say the king holds an asset in trust of the Swazi nation? Dr J.S.M. Matsebula answered this question many years ago. However, it continues to linger in the country’s body politic because, through manoeuvring and political gamesmanship, it has come to be defined as meaning such property belongs to the […]Read More