Failed Mambane eco-tourism project left taxpayer E1.2m poorer

The infamous November 28 statement, questionable legitimacy of new chiefs, chiefdom boundary disputes as well as tenure insecurity are truly hindering community tourism and rural development in rural areas, VUYISILE HLATSHWAYO reports. The eSwatini National Trust Commission splashed a cool E1.2 million of public and donor funding on a community-owned eco-tourism project that never got […]Read More

Varsity Crisis

The University of eSwatini, once the pride of the country’s education system, has collapsed. Under funding and abuse of the few financial resources it has had have been the cause of the mess. Government has refused to fund the university adequately in the last ten years and the results are now showing. Once revered as […]Read More

How State shuts down dissenting voices

With a constitution in place, the Kingdom of eSwatini has found it difficult toprosecute pro-democracy activists. To silence them, they are arrested onflimsy charges and kept in jail for as long as possible. The blatant abuse ofpower has seen pro-democracy campaigners languishing in jail without trial,writes NIMROD MABUZA Goodwill Sibiya, a political activist from Mhlosheni, […]Read More

Community radio remains a distant pipe dream

In an astonishing move, the semi-autonomous regulatory body, ESCCOM, turned down applications for temporary licences for two community radio stations. Taking advantage of the outbreak of Covid-19 in March, two community radio aspirants sought to assist government in containing the virus in their communities but the regulatory body had other ideas. The same Covid-19 was […]Read More

Thou shalt not report anything unflattering, critical about the monarch

As journalists in the Kingdom of eSwatini trudge through the treacherous terrain reporting news stories, one thing has become clear;  King Mswati III and the royal household is off-limits. Currently, some journalists are in hiding in South Africa for daring to report on the health of the king. They are not the first. VUYISILE HLATSWAYO […]Read More

Eswatini culture

Our culture remains one of any nation’s prized but sometimes unrecognized asset in the Southern tip of Africa. VUYISILE HLATSHWAYO gives insight into the benefits emaSwati stand to gain from environment protection. Talk of an African culture that has intricate customs and elaborate rituals associated with flora and fauna. That’s none other than our own […]Read More

The balm for community difficult times

Shewula Mountain Camp: The balm for community difficult times For the award-winning community tourist destination, Shewula Mountain Camp, Covid-19 has proven to be much more than a health problem but the mother of all hardships. VUYISILE HLATSHWAYO reports. Out and about on top of the north-eastern Lubombo Mountain Range, I have found Shewula Mountain Camp […]Read More

Out & About

Unmissable charming rustic haven Just along the Maphiveni-Mananga MR24 stretch of tarred road, across the luxuriant vegetation and evergreen sugarcane fields, Vuvulane Food Market is a roadside eatery unlike any other. VUYISILE HLATSHWAYO takes you on a journey to the oasis of Eswatini’s green economy. Exuding a bohemian ambience, Vuvulane Food Market is one place […]Read More

Royal budget 2020

In the light of improvements in Sacu receipts this financial year, the king and the royal household will receive a hefty increase in their allocation. The royal family continues to live a life of opulence and unbridled expenditure while many ordinary emaSwati still battle to rub two pennies together. King Mswati must be given credit […]Read More

Is the COVID-19 virus airborne?

Covid-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon. That is what the experts are saying. King Mswati III has only addressed the nation once about this pandemic. Otherwise, the monarch has chosen to isolate himself from his people. He made his first and only public appearance last month in May to address issues pertaining to the […]Read More